Feb 2, 2017 “intimate, acoustic and beautiful” – Exclaim!

Jan 9, 2017 “Guide to upcoming releases Winter 2017” – Pitchfork

Jan 4, 2017 – “ROSE COUSINS COMES TO A PERFECT CONCLUSION” “What a pure and invigorating group of songs they turned out to be. Somewhat reminiscent (to these ears at least) of the great Patty Griffin, her voice ebbs and soars with great magnetism.” … “Cousins and Henry have created an emotional landscape full of beauty and conquest. It is formidable.” – No Depression

Dec 29, 2016 – “10 CANADIAN ALBUMS TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN 2017” “I don’t know if I have what it takes/ to be chosen.” The trepidation in Rose Cousin’s lyrics on the opening track of her upcoming full-length, Natural Conclusion, is a false lure, as the Halifax-via-P.E.I. singer-songwriter confidently returns, sounding like she’s found what she needed to continue forward from 2012’s We Have Made a Spark. Cousins worked with Grammy Award-winning producer Joe Henry (Solomon Burke, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott) for Natural Conclusion, recording the album in Toronto with the talents of many, including pianist Aaron Davis (Holly Cole, Jane Siberry), guitarist Gord Tough (Kathleen Edwards, Sarah Harmer) and Hey Rosetta!’s Kinley Dowling on violin/viola. The result is a full, raw album, with Cousins’s voice ringing beautifully clear through piano ballads (“Like Trees”) and country twangers (“Chains”). It’s a much welcome sound for a contemplative 2017.” – CBC Music

Dec 27, 2016 – “10 AMERICANA ALBUMS TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN 2017: From Ryan Adams to Rose Cousins by way of Dead Man Winter, next year promises sets to delight and excite in equal measure” “Joe Henry produced this sophomore album by the Halifax-based singer Rose Cousins, whose lovely folk songs, such as Freedom, are reminiscent of the acclaimed debut by Patty Griffin many years ago. The simplicity of these songs is deceiving; as sparse as they feel, her voice draws you in until you realize you are at the heart of the storm.” – The Guardian


Dec 19, 2014 “[What’s Love Got To Do With It is] a perfect example of how a great lyric can go overlooked until it’s recast, with the focus on the words rather than the performance.” … “[Stray Birds is] her nod to the power of song, the beauty of life, and the great joy of sharing it with a kindred spirit…” … “The whole disc is stirring, a small but mighty project.” – CBC East Coast Music with Bob Mersereau

Sep 13, 2014 “…her songs came from the depths of raw emotion…” – Regina Leader Post

Sep 12, 2014 “…dark and sweet qualities her voice brings to songs…” – The Star-Phoenix Saskatoon

Sep 10, 2014 “…transcended the inherent limitations of solo, guitar and keys […] she sang them in a voice that showed nothing but genuine emotion and played them in a way that breathed beautiful life into their bare bones, and then warmed them in a refreshing and original contemporary pop incubator.” – Calgary Herald

Sep 9, 2014 “Rose Cousins, whose searing rendition of Gordon Lightfoot’s If You Could Read My Mind made me forget where I was and remember where I’d been, had me right there at her fingertips on the keyboard.” -Edmonton Journal

Sep 9, 2014 “Opening act Rose Cousins was heckled – by the headliner, which you don’t see every day. “I love you, Rose!,” Arden cried from the sidestage. Fans seemed to feel the same way.”/ – Edmonton Sun

Aug 29, 2014 “Cousins has now divulged more info on the release, which was apparently inspired by taking time off…” – Exclaim!

Aug 26, 2014 “Cousins gives the Lightfoot tune a sweetly delicate run-though on piano. There are some quietly atmospheric guitar textures, but this is mostly a spare rendition that achieves its sense drama through Cousins’ dynamic voice.” – Exclaim!


JAN 29, 2014 “an exploration in the darker side of the human condition” – Cochrane Times

JAN 25, 2014 “Rose is an absolute musical treasure, adored by audiences and her peers alike.” – MusicNerd

JAN 18, 2014 “favourite act of the whole festival” – Woodford Folk Festival Kez’s Top 7 Highlights, Australia

DEC 18, 2013 “Just as any of Van Morrison or Joni Mitchell’s early albums established a matured tone or aesthetic, Cousins has written a group of songs that perfectly compliment each other…” – The Dwarf, Australia

DEC 13, 2013 “… Breathing new life into small halls … Town halls were once the heart of small communities.” – ABC North Coast, Australia

DEC 13, 2013 “invigorating that community country spirit of yester-year and bringing people together in a hall” – ABC Wide Bay, Australia

DEC 11, 2013 “wit and beautiful voice” – Warwick Daily News, Australia

DEC 6, 2013 “…a beautiful and seamless compliment to one another…” – Common Ground, Ballina Australia

DEC 1, 2013 “Cousins’ voice is like musical honey … Time is recommended for listening to this exquisite songbird.” – alt media, Australia

NOV 30, 2013 “for the love of the music” – Forte Magazine, Australia

Nov 29, 2013 “…Maritime fave, and you know she’s on a roll…” – CBC East Coast Music with Bob Mersereau

NOV 29, 2013 “Festival of Small Halls goes off the beaten track” – The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

NOV 27, 2013 “dramatic, often sparse beauty” – Gatton Star, Australia

NOV 26, 2013 “bring music to the people” – ArtsHub, Australia

NOV 25, 2013 Live interview with Corinne Grant, John Butler, Byron Luiters, and Grant Gerathy – 774 ABC Melbourne, Australia

NOV 22, 2013 “From our farmlands to the flood lands, the rainforests to the outback” – Sunshine Coast Daily, Australia

SPARK hits Australian radio playlists including ABC Triple J Roots ‘N All – PBS 106.7 FM What The Folk! – 2 Bob Radio Albums of the Week

NOV 13, 2013 “Rose Cousins sings the praises of the Maritimes” – Metro Halifax

NOV 9, 2013 “taking her music to new places” – The Standard, Australia

NOV 6, 2013 “She creates a moody landscape that can vary from a rocking force, …to melting into a languid ballad…” – The Music, Australia

NOV 4, 2013 “One name to watch is Rose Cousins…” – Noise 11 Australia

NOV 1, 2013 “one of the most talented singer songwriters in Canada” – Nunatsiaq Online, Iqaluit

OCT 10, 2013 “an innovative tour” – Townsville Bulletin, Australia

SEP 5, 2013 Cousins keeps climbing as music career soars – Prince Albert Daily Herald

APR 21, 2013 Rose Cousins wins JUNO for WE HAVE MADE A SPARK
– The Chronicle Herald
– The Huffington Post

MAR 14, 2013 Rose Cousins’ song GO FIRST appears on the television show GREY’S ANATOMY

MAR 11, 2013 SPARK wins 3 at 25th East Coast Music Awards –  The Chronicle Herald in Halifax – “At an event where the Atlantic Canadian music scene feels like one big family, it seems appropriate that the top winner at this week’s 25th anniversary East Coast Music Awards would be Rose Cousins…” -Stephen Cooke

MAR 11, 2013  Folk Singer Wins 3 East Coast Music Awards – CBC News

FEB 19, 2013 SPARK receives JUNO Nomination – Roots/Traditional Solo Recording of the Year

JAN 23, 2013 SPARK receives Canadian Indie Music Awards Nomination – Folk Artist of the Year

JAN 15, 2013 SPARK Receives FOUR East Coast Music Award Nominations – Folk, Song, Songwriter, Solo Album of the Year

JAN 12, 2013 NPR Music Folks Finest from 2012 “…beautiful harmonies, creative arrangements and the sort of arresting songwriting that’s sad even as it leaves listeners feeling hopeful…” -Kim Ruehl

DEC 28, 2012 NOW Toronto Top 10 Albums of 2012 “A sadder than sad, startlingly beautiful, emotionally naked album from a masterful singer/songwriter.” -Carla Gillis

DEC 28, 2012 CKUA’s Top 100 for 2012 WE HAVE MADE A SPARK #25 top airplay and weekly chart positions Alberta, Canada

DEC 27, 2012 The Chronicle Herald – 2012 Arts and Cultural Honour Roll

DEC 15, 2012 The Boston Globe Best Tracks of 2012 One Way – “Hands down the most heartbreaking song I heard this year…” -James Reed

DEC 13, 2012 Exclaim! Folk and Country 2012: Canadian Tradition 2.0 “This year, a new generation of performers that combine strong voices and stripped-down instrumentals proudly repped the maple leaf to the world…”

DEC 12, 2012 Penguin Eggs Magazine Album of the Year “beautiful” “haunting” “melancholy” “stunning”

DEC 11, 2012 Herohill Favorites of ’12 “It’s full of scars, hurt, and the type of memories that can change a person forever, but through it all Rose stands defiantly, challenging the storm to do its worst.”

DEC 7, 2012 NPR picks WE HAVE MADE A SPARK in Top 10 Folk & Americana Albums of 2012 “from love to utter lonesomeness – we are embraced by our communities”

DEC 5, 2012 Best Music of 2012: Folk Alley Heavy Rotation

DEC 3, 2012 No Depression Best Albums of 2012 “Cousins takes it to a whole other level. She breathes into the songs so they live on their own.”

NOV 17, 2012 Cousins wins Contemporary Singer of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards

NOV 11, 2012 SPARK wins Folk Recording of the Year at the Nova Scotia Music Awards

NOV 9, 2012 North Shore News Vancouver “one of the best records made in Canada over the past decade”

NOV 5, 2012 Beatroute “cultivating lushness”

NOV 1, 2012 Vancouver Sun “stunningly beautiful breakup album”

OCT 26, 2012 Ottawa Citizen “wrenches beautiful music from heartbreak”

OCT 5, 2012 SPARK receives 3 Canadian Folk Music Award nominations: Contemporary Album, Singer, Solo Artist of the Year

SEPT 4, 2012 SPARK receives 6 Nova Scotia Music Awards nominations: Folk, Female, Entertainer, Video, Album, Songwriter of the Year!

JUN 22, 2012 The Irish Times 4 Stars Tony Clayton-Lea “Cousins’ lyrics are direct and forthright, her voice is crystal clear, and her songs are durable efforts that bring to mind a songwriting daughter of Lucinda Williams and Kathleen Edwards.”

JUN 14, 2012 Rose Cousins long list nominated for 2012 Polaris Prize

JUN 1, 2012 Oprah Magazine“a voice like Carly Simon and a vibe like The Dixie Chicks”

JUN 1, 2012 Maverick Magazine UK 4 Stars“conviction and heart … haunting to uplifting in an instant”

MAY 7, 2012 Chromewaves Toronto show review & photos “rich emotional nuances … gorgeous vocals … astonishing harmonies”

MAY 3, 2012 Toronto NOW “stark, impeccably written songs … elegantly understated … hard-won insight”

APR 23, 2012 CBC Blog“exquisitely gifted”

APR 16, 2012 CBC Q’s Jian Ghomeshi “really fine songwriting … beautiful songs capped off with a beautiful voice”

APR 12, 2012 Chromewaves “something ineffably special about this record”

APR 11, 2012 WFUV New York Performance & Interview “excellent balance of despair and hope”

MAR 28, 2012 CMT’s Craig Shelburne “favorite tracks released over the winter”

MAR 28, 2012 Vue Weekly Edmonton “…fruits of collaboration…”

MAR 28, 2012 Edmonton Journal “a strong branch of close relatives”

MAR 24, 2012 Portland Examiner Oregon “heart is infected”

MAR 24, 2012 Winnipeg Free Press “…they’ve built a roaring fire”

MAR 22, 2012 Uptown Mag MB “…deeply personal listen…”

MAR 21, 2012 Uniter Winnipeg

MAR 20, 2012 No Depression “Cousins has a gift…”

MAR 14, 2012 ” …reminder about what music does…”

MAR 12, 2012 WFUV New York New Music Monday “more than just sparks on this new record…”

MAR 12, 2012 McGill Tribune “soul-bearing songs”

MAR 6, 2012 Folk Alley “this record is not simplicity – it’s gathering”

MAR 2, 2012 WXPN Philadelphia My Morning Download “haunting and beautiful”

MAR 1, 2012 East Coast’s Bob Mersereau “Cousins has hit a nerve…”

MAR 1, 2012 Grayowl Point Canadian Indie “a moving, pristine package”

FEB 29, 2012 Prairie Dog Regina, Saskatoon “real beauty here”

FEB 28, 2012 USA TODAY Pick of the Week “achingly candid”

FEB 26, 2012 Fervor Coulee “A brilliant album that gently unfolds”

FEB 24, 2012 Boston Globe Feature Story “musical family in Boston”

FEB 23, 2012 NOW Toronto 5 Stars “not a lyric, note or instrument out of place”

FEB 22, 2012 Uptown Winnipeg 4 Stars “dark and sweet and totally powerful”

Feb 22, 2012 Exclaim! “Rose Cousins Premieres New Short Film”

FEB 21, 2012 CBC Music debuts Rose’s film “If I Should Fall Behind”

Feb 21, 2012 The Globe & Mail Essential Track “dreamy and downbeat”

FEB 14, 2012 Hear it first!  Exclaim streams new album in advance of release

FEB 10, 2012 No Depression “one of the strongest and most emotive new voices…”

FEB 9, 2012 The Record “It’s stunning from start to finish…”

JAN 29, 2012 The Province Vancouver “Cousins stirs up the heart…”


Jan 2010 – In the Dead of Winter Festival Review – The Coast Halifax
Nov 2009 – EXCLAIM Magazine Review 
Nov 2009 – NxEW Concert Review – Vancouver, BC 
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Nov 2009 – Feature Daily Gleaner – Saint John, NB 
Oct 2009 – The Coast Halifax Feature – Halifax, NS 
Sept 2009 – The Buzz Arts and Entertainment, PEI

Maverick Magazine Review THE SEND OFF (March 2011) 
“A true original with the power to steal your heart Every once in awhile–if you’re extremely lucky–you may encounter a voice capable of making you stop whatever you’re doing to concentrate on what you’re hearing. With the first delicate strains of I Were The Bird, you realise you’ve uncovered that rare artist with the ability to isolate the myriad emotions grafted to love, longing and loss. But to do it consistently across her second album reveals a standout talent approaching full bloom, as it were. Recently honoured with a 2010 Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Singer of the Year, Rose’s art encompasses a roots feel that reveals her upbringing on Canada’s Prince Edward Island–a somewhat isolated faerie land surrounded by ocean, blessed with rich, red-soiled farmland and wide open spaces. You can hear it in her voice, the way she ends a note or lets a lyric fall from her lips. From the soft kiss of I Were The Bird, with its plucked cello and ethereal backup chorus, feathers flutter as a seabird gains lift before sailing along the updrafts. As the band kicks in two minutes later, both winged creature and song are free to soar. Equipped with a muscular band, THE SEND OFF has nothing to do with navel-gazing and everything about a tasteful foray into folk-pop, minus the fluff. The focus appears to concentrate on framing Rose’s vocal gift in an earthy blend of piano/B3, bass/drums, acoustic/electric guitar and an inventive use of viola and cello. The disc’s second highlight is the lush Maybe I Knew–a subtle, yet powerful song riding along on the featured guitar lines of mentor Luke Doucet, Steve O’Connor’s B3 and Al Cross’ beefy beat. More celestial fare such as Mary Margaret O’Hara’s I Don’t Care with its sparse accompaniment proves revelatory but pales alongside the more upbeat title track. Its gentle beginning gives way to a powerful bed of atmospheric guitars, percussion and simpatico strings as Rose’s ramped up vocal lifts skyward. With added power, Rose’s voice retains its uncanny ability to gently bend a note or unload a breathy phrase at just the right moment. Not everything is gold–attempts to swing like an Andrew Sister on the jazzy Celebrate or the mando-driven, somewhat maudlin Sadie In The Kitchen tend to shatter the mood she has created, which may be the point–offsetting the intensity with something light and fun. Still, songs like the blissful The Dancers, where her breathtaking voice floats above the gentle strings below–or the powerful All The Time It Takes To Wait, featuring pure Rose accompanying herself on Wurlitzer electronic piano, is able to stop time with its dose of utter loneliness and heartache. As the strings kick in, a good, therapeutic cry may be in order. In other words, you’re in the presence of an intensely talented artist who, like the bird in I Were The Bird, most definitely is. An irresistible find.” – Eric Thom

EXCLAIM! Review of THE SEND OFF (Nov 2009) 
“Rose Cousins has burst into bloom on The Send Off, a sophisticated follow-up to her 2006 ECMA-winning debut, If You Were For Me. On her sophomore release, the Halifax, NS-based singer-songwriter breaks away from traditional folkiness to experiment with wilder sounds and a broader spectrum of emotional colours. She brings an excellent supporting cast to this second effort, including producer/guitarist Luke Doucet, cellist Matt Brubeck and backing vocalists Kathleen Edwards, Jenn Grant and Melissa McLelland. The album opens with the exquisite “I Were The Bird,” the plucked strings and a touch of reverb elevating Cousins’ luminous vocals to cruising altitude. From the electric blare of “Maybe I Knew” to the lullaby simplicity of “Young Once” and the cheeky jazziness of “Celebrate,” the album weaves back and forth between electric and acoustic, from heartache to intense joy, with inventive arrangements that enhance the beauty of Cousins’ fresh, sincere compositions.” (Old Farm Pony)


EXCLAIM! Review of IF YOU WERE FOR ME (Nov 2006)
The gentle heart of P.E.I.-born singer-songwriter Rose Cousins shines through in every note of her first full-length album, If You Were For Me. After two EPs and guest vocal spots on recordings by artists from Matt Mays to the Heavy Blinkers, Cousins has come into her own with an album full of tidy arrangements that highlight both her forthright lyrics and her pure, unaffected voice, which twinkles like the stars on a clear winter night. Cousins is most compelling when she leans towards bluegrass on songs like “Dance If You Want To” and the little galloper “Edmonton,” but her fresh, soapy folkiness is appealing throughout the whole of this nice little disc. Recorded at CBC’s Studio H in Halifax, it’s a lovely little low-key affair that ought to push her one step closer to a place among musicians such as Alison Krauss and Sarah Harmer. (Old Farm Pony)

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